News 2012/7/25

100,000 People Say Good-bye to Nuclear Power Plants


Tens of thousands of people gathered in Tokyo to say “Good-bye to Nuclear Power Plants" on July 16th. Around 400 members and producers of the Seitkatsu Club participated and called for the decommissioning of nuclear reactors. (Posted on July 25)

People Stand up for the Abolition of Nuclear Reactors

Mr. Itoh, President of Omoe Fisheries Co-operative giving a speechMore than 400 members and producers of the Seikatsu Club, including people who came from as far away as Iwate and Osaka, participated in an unprecedented anti-nuclear rally called "100,000 People Say Good-bye to Nuclear Power Plants" in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, on July 16. The rally eventually attracted more than 170,000 people. There were also around 1,000 people from the "Prevention Net,"* whose member organizations include the Seikatsu Club Consumers’ Co-operative Union.

The rally was held on such a large scale that there were four stages set up at the venue. The Prevention Net made an appeal to the participants from stage No. 4. Fishermen from the Omoe Fisheries Co-operative (Iwate) and farmers from the Tochigi Pioneer Agricultural Co-operative (Tochigi), who dressed in matching outfits, went up on stage No. 2 with tairyo-bata (fishing boat flags). Both co-operatives provide their products to the Seikatsu Club.
"We have been working on a petition campaign for the abolition of nuclear reactors in order to preserve the beautiful ocean," Ryuichi Ito, President of the Omoe Fisheries Co-operative, told the audience. "I believe nuclear reactors have inherent risks. If the government and companies think they are safe, they should be built in central Tokyo instead of in rural areas".
People from the Seikatsu Club then marched in a parade lead by the fishermen from Omoe. Groups in the march looked colorful, carrying vivid flags and banners. Some groups played music and chanted slogans for the abolition of nuclear reactors.
The government presented three options for the future energy mix and asked people to submit comments and indicate which option they support. The government seems to be hoping to reach a conclusion rapidly following the public hearings which the government has called "national debates."

It is time that we started to think for ourselves and raise our voices instead of leaving the issue to somebody else. Let's submit our comments and express our will to abolish nuclear reactors. We can send submissions using the following link up until August 12.

Huge numbers of people joined the rally<br>Omoe fishermen marching with tairyo-bata (fishing boat flags)

Members of the Prevention Net marching with their bannerAbout the Prevention Net

The “Prevention Net”, an abbreviation for the Nationwide Network against Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant and to Prevent Nuclear Pollution, is composed of four consumers' co-operatives and two civil society organizations.  The Net opposes the nuclear fuel reprocessing plant in Rokkashomura (Aomori Prefecture) becoming fully operational. It declared in September 2011 that it would also work for the abolition of nuclear reactors.

Member organizations: Ai Coop Miyagi, Green Coop Consumers' Co-operative Union, Pal System Union, Seikatsu Club Consumers' Co-operative Union, Daichi wo Mamoru Kai, Consumers Union of Japan