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"10 Ways We Think & Act"
"10 Ways We Think & Act" are principles of actions for everyone who engages in the Seikatsu Club


10 Ways We Think & Act

01:Caring about Food Safety
In all the processes from production to disposal, we care deeply about safety, for example by reducing
as far as possible additives and agricultural chemical (pesticides, etc.) residues. We are also
conducting thorough testing for radioactivity. We actively publish information on the impacts on
health and the environment.
02:Cherishing Healthy Ways of Eating
We show our gratitude to nature for her gift of life in order to lead on to a healthy tomorrow.
We all pool our ideas on food, sharing with everyone the knowledge and skills on the nutrition and
preparation of food ingredients and how to serve them.
03:Aiming to Improve Japan’s Ability to be Self-sufficient in Food
We are promoting the “life industries,” agriculture, fisheries and livestock farming, by raising the proportion
of domestically-produced raw materials and animal feed.
With consumers and producers coming together in unity, we are making efforts to enhance food sovereignty,
health, and the conservation of local environments by raising Japan’s ability to be self-sufficient in food.
04:Rejecting GM crops
We will not accept GM crops, which result in the monopolization of food by corporations and destroy
biodiversity. We will not handle food, feed, or additives which contain GMOs. In cases where the use
of GMOs is unavoidable, we will make a public disclosure of the information.
05:Aiming for Zero Hazardous Substances
We will reduce the use and emissions of hazardous substances that threaten health and the environment.
We are continuing activities aimed at zero hazardous substances.
06:Using Natural Resources Thoughtfully
We use renewable natural resources, such as water soil and forests, in a sustainable way.
We make efforts to conserve non-renewable natural resources for the sake of future generations.
07:Reducing Waste
We are making efforts to reduce garbage through the conservation of resources, reuse and recycling.
We also select safer and more reliable methods of waste disposal.
08:Aiming for a Nuclear-free Society
We are actively reducing wasteful energy consumption and taking a long-term viewpoint on energy.
By putting the strengths of consumers and producers together, we are making efforts toward the safe
and sustainable production and distribution of energy.
09:Aiming for a Society where People Help Each Other
We are making efforts to build mechanisms to enable safe and secure childcare and long-term nursing
care in the community.
We will spread activities that enhance mutual assistance, learning together and supporting each other.
10:Deciding and Acting on your Own Initiative
In Seikatsu Club, each person plays an important role. Information on the members, whether big
or small, is all disclosed and shared. On the basis of that information, the members themselves
then think, decide and do.

"10 Ways We Think & Act" are principles of actions for everyone who engages in the Seikatsu Club

Think & Act Data Book
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