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Emergency Relief for People Facing Difficulties

Emergency Relief for People Facing Severe Difficulties in Daily Life
Seikatsu Club donates 25 tons of rice in cooperation with Zenno Pearl Rice Co., Ltd and other producer organizations 

Firstly, we would like to express our heartfelt concern for all those affected by the new coronavirus (COVID-19) infection. We also extend our sincere prayers for a swift recovery to all those who have been infected by the virus.

The impact of the reduction in economic activity due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection has forced those facing difficulties in daily life into even deeper adversity, resulting in a serious social problem. Seikatsu Club Consumers' Co-operative Union (Head Office: Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo; hereafter “Seikatsu Club”) has therefore taken the step of delivering rice as emergency relief to people who are facing severe difficulties in daily life. 

Seikatsu Club has thus far made efforts in many regions to carry out welfare and mutual aid activities such as support for people in need, and for “children’s cafeterias,” which offer free meals to disadvantaged children. Due to the situation that has arisen this time, we exchanged information with welfare organizations with which we cooperate to consider how we can support those who are facing severe difficulties in their daily lives. As we did so, we received requests stating that it is the staple food of rice that is needed now, and with the cooperation of producer organizations, Zenno Pearl Rice Co., Ltd and others, with whom Seikatsu Club has built up long-term partnership relations through our collective purchase of food, we are now delivering 25 tons of Yamagata Prefecture rice to those in need.

To deliver the rice as quickly as possible to those facing difficulties, Seikatsu Club has worked in cooperation with producer organizations, and through coordination with member co-operatives and welfare organizations, we took the decision to make use of our own distribution network, consisting of the Seikatsu Club Distribution Center, the delivery centers in each region, associated distribution companies, and so on.

We also decided to make use of the business income from our collective purchase business, which has shown a favorable trend due to the voluntary restraint in going outside the home, to fund this social contribution activity.

It was therefore possible to realize this effort by linking the network built up through direct connections and partnerships with producers to the network of welfare organizations in the different regions. 

The details of the emergency relief are as follows:
・ People eligible for the relief: Organizations related to Seikatsu Club member co-operatives (welfare organizations, children’s cafeterias, workers’ collectives, food banks, etc.), young people’s support organizations providing custodial care, support organizations in disaster-affected areas, etc.
・Scale of relief: 25 tons (5,000 5kg bags) of rice produced in Yamagata Prefecture in 2019.
・Period of relief: Scheduled for June and July 2020. * Continued relief is being considered.

It is thought possible that impacts of the spread of the new coronavirus infection on the daily lives of citizens may grow even more severe in the future. With related organizations and producers, we are now considering how to construct a continued support mechanism to enable us to carry out longer-term relief for people facing difficulties in daily life. 

Examples of efforts being made by Seikatsu Club’s welfare businesses
Cooked food prepared from ingredients delivered from a food bank (Saitama children’s cafeteria, Shalom Cafeteria)
Co-operative volunteers sorting food items (Food Bank Kanagawa) 
7% of sales from these vending machines is donated to a young people’s support fund (Seikatsu Club Hanno DC Center)
Image of distribution network
【Published on June 16, 2020】



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