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Seikatsu (Daily Life) Declaration (Brand Statement) 
Living means consuming.
The choice of “what” and “how” to consume is directly
linked to “what kind of future we want” and “what we will
leave for the next generation.”
We choose a “sustainable lifestyle” in which we coexist with
nature, and, as far as humanly possible, aim for self-sufficiency
and recirculation in Food, Energy and Care.
We conduct all our activities on the basis that the next generation
is as important as the people who are alive today.



Food that has clear ingredients, production method and price
Seikatsu Club members develop and consume the food we need for our daily lives by working together with
producers. As the goods developed in this way are not products made for profit, we call them “consumer
materials.” This is not limited to the food itself; we are also making efforts to improve the safety of and
reduce energy used to produce food containers and packaging materials as well as items for daily use.


A nuclear-free society through the collective purchase of renewable energy
Your energy choices will determine your lifestyle. Seikatsu Club is promoting the path
to a nuclear-free society on the three pillars of “producing” renewable energy, “reducing”
energy consumption and “using” renewable energy.


Welfare and mutual aid – where human relations come alive
A sustainable society that has hope for the future is a society that is alive with flourishing human
relations. Seikatsu Club has created mechanisms for diverse forms of mutual aid through coordination
with social welfare corporations, workers’ collectives and NPOs to help people to live as they want to
in the communities where they have always lived, whether they are elderly or have disabilities.
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