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Sustainable Report

The First Seikatsu Club 2030 Action Declaration
Seikatsu Club is committed to carrying out activities that are consistent with, and even go beyond, the vision of the SDGs.


The First Seikatsu Club 2030 Action Declaration

Priority Goal 1
Based on the concept of food sovereignty*, we will pursue domestic production and fair procurement.
* Food sovereignty: The right of all countries and peoples to determine their own food and agriculture policies.
Priority Goal 2
We place importance on the original flavors of the raw food materials and the wisdom and culture associated with the food ingredients and will work toward a realization of healthy and abundant food consumption.
Priority Goal 3
We will take action for the environmental conservation of the sea and land, and measures against climate change, to maintain the Earth’s ecosystem.
Priority Goal 4
Aiming for a nuclear-free society, we will take action to expand the production of renewable energy.
Priority Goal 5
We will create communities and a society where everyone can feel secure and live the way they want to.
Priority Goal 6
We will create diverse places for people to be and to work where poverty and isolation are not overlooked and where there is sympathy and mutual support for people to move toward independence.
Priority Goal 7
We will aim for a peaceful and fair society, taking a firm stance on the renunciation of war* and peaceful coexistence.
Priority Goal 8
With the basic stance of information disclosure and autonomous management, we will implement our ideal of deciding and acting on our own initiative.

"The First Seikatsu Club 2030 Action Declaration Report " is to confirm and report on the degree of attainment of the eight goals of the First Seikatsu Club 2030 Action Declaration for each fiscal year. 

The First Seikatsu Club 2030 Action Declaration
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